Boneshaker Adventures

Brand development, Logo design

Boneshaker Adventures founder Dawn Cooper and coach Brett Bergman in teal, surrounded by the real all stars, the students, in purple Boneshaker shirts.

Boneshaker Adventures is a mountain biking skills camp and adventure tour group based in Grand Junction, Colorado. Boneshaker focuses on teaching kids skills to navigate mountain bike trails safely.

The updated Boneshaker Adventures logo features a sugar skull bike skull, stronger typography, and a bold color scheme.

This design project is more of a design update than a total redesign. Boneshaker Adventures already had the essential idea for their logo sketched up and asked us to update the overall look. For the update we focused on three things: redrawing the skull while still using the essential elements, updating the typeface, and adding color.

As you can see from the original Boneshaker design, a majority of our effort was spent working on a new typeface that captured Boneshaker’s youthful spirit and was more legible at distance. The only instruction was to create something bold and something that wasn’t overtly masculine. The new Boneshaker typeface is strong, shows movement, and can work as a stand-alone element.

Learn more about Boneshaker Adventures.

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