Comic Con

Brand development, Event production

Mesa County Libraries Comic Con is a fun, free, family-friendly event that brings together fans and creators, old and young in celebrating comics, graphic novels, and pop culture. Comic Con features cosplay, panel presentations, an expo hall, regional artists, and authors.

Primary Comic Con logo was inspired by vintage comics and classic superhero color schemes,. The burst icon is a reference to both science fiction and superheroes.

Since the first Mesa County Libraries Comic Con event in 2015, the event has grown to attract over 5,000 attendees. Comic Con focuses on graphic literature and features fandom meetups on a variety of topics including the Marvel Universe, Harry Potter, and Dr. Who.  

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Above: Main art for 2019 Comic Con. The super hero character is based off “Chrome on the Range,” a sculpture located in Downtown Grand Junction. For the Downtown Art Festival me and another artist Emmi Farris, installed a cape on the sculpture to help promote Comic Con and tie the reference in.

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