Wright Fly Fishing

Brand development, Logo design, Product design

Photo by Paul Guebara.

Floyd Wright is a professional fly fishing guide and instructor at the 5280 Fly Fishing shop based out of Denver, Colorado. The Wright Fly Fishing brand is centered around a vintage “W” shape and is accented by the legendary Royal Wullf dry fly pattern.

Fly fishing is a sport with deep historical roots so I wanted to pay tribute to those roots with a simple design. The “W” is inspired by an old type face originally used in national park advertisements. I added the loop to the left side as a call to the beautiful loops made in fly casting.

Wright Fly Fishing logo is designed as a circle badge that could easily be adapted to a number of imprinted items: shirts, buffs, hats, coozies, reels, stickers, etc…

Wright Fly Fishing sun shirt and buff.

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