Art on the Corner


Brand development, Logo design

After a two year absence due to COVID-19, it was time to breath new life into the Art on the Corner (AOTC) program. To celebrate the return of the Art on the Corner, I worked with the Downtown Grand Junction team to reimagine the AOTC logo.

The new design pays homage to the original geometric design done in the 1980s. The line break through the word “Art” represents the iconic curve of Main Street, between 3rd and 7th Streets. As with all my recent designs, the logo works well as a full-color design and a one-color design.

Here is an example of how the new brand informed a complete redesign of the AOTC marketing pieces. This 2022 temporary collection brochure was laid out by Casey Winterbower. She did an excellent job carrying out the geometric patterns and colors into a fully printed piece.

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