Bestslope Builders

Brand development, Logo design

Bestslope Builders is primarily a hand-crafted, custom carpentry company based in Grand Junction, CO, and owned by Devon Balet. Bestslope Builders also does property management, landscaping, and custom building.

When approaching this design, Devon and I talked a lot about how to make something that would work for all aspects of his business. We settled on a simple one-color design that incorporates elements of his business.

Traditionally owls are symbols of wisdom and strategy. Owls also happen to be one of Devon’s favorite animals. This worked out as a great logo for the company as it is meaningful to the owner, and also a symbol for the precision that Bestslope Builders brings to its clients.

The wing of the owl is textured with a wood grain pattern as a call back to Bestslope’s woodworking skills, and the owl is perched on a hammer to make it obvious what type of work the company does.

Overall, I gave the logo a hand-drawn feel to help imply the custom, hand-crafted nature of the business.

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