Mars Rover

Unfinished design for a science lab mural.

For every completed logo or design, there are countless unfinished or rejected projects that never see the light of day. This is one such project.

This Mars Rover illustration is a detail from what was going to be a larger mural installation in a middle school science lab. The initial rover drawing was painstakingly recreated from original NASA concept art. I wanted to get the details right, and also practice my precision drawing. 

The boom box was added as one of many fun elements. The project was scrapped before the whole mural was completed. Other planned elements included a sunbathing astronaut and giant tentacled space monster.  

Although unfinished, I’m still really excited about this rover drawing. It’s presented here just as a cool sample of unfinished work from the archives.

Above is the initial line drawing completed using the NASA concept art as reference. This process was painstakingly slow and turned out to be a lesson in patience.