Well Read Wine

When the Mesa County Libraries Foundation partnered with Grande River Vineyards in Palisade, Colorado to create a private label wine, it was obviously destined to be called “Well Read;” a pun so perfect there we no other choices.

“Well Read” is a, you guessed it, red wine from the award-winning winery in Western Colorado. Working on the labeling for this speciality blend was a fun and challenging project as the Foundation requested a label that was equally sophisticated and accessible to donors and wine enthusiasts.

Bottles of “Well Read” are used to fundraise for the library foundation and the artwork needed to appeal to donors without coming across as pretentious. Western Colorado is a more laid-back community with streaks of cosmopolitan flair.

The art is a simple, three-tone color scheme featuring a modern book shelf, calling back to both the library’s core purpose of reading and the geological “Bookcliffs” surrounding Mesa County.


The fun touches are my favorite, particularly the “Well Read” pronunciation guide and the wine’s description.

“Nurtured in the sunshine of knowledge, “Well Read’ embodies the bold flavors of learning, discovery, creativity, and connection, with exciting hints of innovation and a smooth finish of foresight. It pairs well with rich imagination and boundless curiosity, seasoned with adventure.”

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